DARRAN FORD - 🧑‍✈️Chief Executive Officer

SONNY SHEPHERD - 🧑‍✈️Chief Operations Officer

GINA FORD - 🙋‍♀️People Officer

LEWIS FORD - ☀️Solar Designer

SAM SOUTH - ☀️Solar Designer

JO SYMONDS - ☀️Solar Designer

GREG BALL - 🌱Community Consultants

JO HENDRY - 🌱Community Consultants

An image of a building façade with the sun shining on it


Our principles are priceless. We lose sight of them, we lose everything.

Embrace the human touch.
At the core of Solent Renewables lies accessibility, inclusivity, and humility.

Show genuine care.
This involves mindfulness about our environment, a concern for those in our midst, and a commitment to drive positive change.

Act ethically.
Rely on us for forthrightness, reliability, and authenticity.

Discover the Solent Renewables approach.
Never forsake the pioneering spirit that founded us: ambitious, adaptable, transformative.

Prioritize the Solent Renewables family.

An image of a building façade with trees on it and the sun shining on it

We are Solent Renewables. Our mission is to bring the solar energy community together.

It's not our individual objectives that unite us, but the actions we take to reach them. While our solar projects and ultimate objectives may vary, harnessing solar power is our shared endeavor. We're a collective of individuals who understand that to advance, we must collaborate.

Our journey commenced in 2022, originating from a modest workspace in Totton, Southampton with nothing more than a vision, determination, and basic equipment. Today, we craft the solutions that empower everyone to embrace solar energy fully: the panels that capture the sun's energy, the knowledge that inspires, and the community that propels us forward.

Our Solent Renewables family, comprising team members, partners, and supporters, has grown to over 15 strong, with a substantial online presence boasting over 1000+ followers worldwide. Our workforce continues to expand, with over 20 dedicated professionals spread across our offices.